Job Hunter Types – Which One Are You?

different, acquiring the perfect job is certainly a unique process on its own. Of course, job hunters are also different to one another, however there are categories that show exactly how people behave when they go job hunting.

So, which types of job hunters are exactly there, and how can you identify yourself as a part of a certain group?

Unemployed job seekers

This is the category that includes most of those persons that want to get a job right now. The unemployed job seekers are those that sit at home, in front of the computer or go from one company to another looking for a job. As an unemployed job seeker, you need to try and do whatever it takes in order to train yourself and obtain the best possible results. Of course, the employers are expecting a lot from the unemployed job seekers, because these are those persons with the available time to improve their skills.

Employed job seekers

Having a job might not be enough most of the time, and this is why the employed job seekers appear. The main idea here is that even with a job, you might find yourself unhappy about the current workplace, and you might want to change something. The best way to do that in this regard is to continue working at the current job you have, even if you use it as the means to pay the bills, but at the same time you can focus on searching for jobs at home. As an employed job seeker, it can be a little tricky to get to interviews, so do try to be selective and choose only those jobs that you really want, because there will be some that will be a complete waste of time.

Freelance job seekers

This is a special category! Not all people that work from home are successful, and because of that they have to search for a new job. This does require some time to search for the new job, but freelancers can do that at home. Of course, if they do get a small job they will do it, which makes them semi-employed.


No matter the job hunter type you identify yourself as being a part of, you can rest assured that you will like the results at all times. Remember that as a job hunter, your main focus should be checking out employment opportunities, so check the web, newspapers and other similar sources. They will help you acquire the jobs you want a lot faster, and the results will be amazing right from the start. See these categories and identify which one is the one closest to what you are and what you do.